Post-Surgery Breast Care

Image Renewal of Benchmark Atlantic Healthcare is here to help you with your post-breast surgery intimate apparel right from the time of your diagnosis through remission and beyond. Our experienced, Certified Breast Care Fitters are committed to putting you a ease with a professional fitting that will inspire trust, confidence and well-being. We carry it all; in the way of post-breast surgery intimate apparel, breast forms and lymphedema compression garments. Benchmark Atlantic keeps current with all the newest trends, technology and education of the breast-care industry.

Post-Surgical Camisoles, Healing Cotton Bras & Light Weight Leisure Forms.

Ideally, we like to meet with a woman before her surgery for a consultation with one of our professional certified fitters, to offer her comfort and emotional support with medically correct post-operative garments. These garments have been designed with many comfort features for those first days and weeks after surgery when mobility is limited and healing is taking place. The garments are easy to put on and off, with removable and positionable drain pouches, soft cotton fabric provides a gentle hug to help hold the drain tube and lightweight, fiber-filled beaded, natural looking breast forms. The benefits of this consultation, which there is no charge, is so that a woman will have some peace of mind about what she can wear during the healing phase and take away some of the fear of the unknown. She will not have to worry about how she will look to others and when and where she is going to find the right products to wear immediately following surgery.

Pocketed Bras include: Sport, Leisure, Seamless, Molded Cup, Extra Support, Pretty & Lacy. Fashion Tanks & Camisoles with a Built-in Pocketed Bra, Silicone Breast Prosthesis, Silicone Symmetry Shapers, Non-Silicone Light Weight Forms, Swim Forms and accessories.

Approximately 6 weeks after surgery and by physician’s approval, and from then after, a woman may be fitted with her permanent silicone prostheses and bras. A breast prosthesis, also called a breast form, is worn externally to closely simulate the look and feel of a natural breast and help restore a woman’s silhouette. Most breast forms are made of silicone. They are usually worn in a specially fitted post-surgery bra with a pocket to hold the form securely in place. Lightweight or leisure breast forms offer options to women who have other medical needs and conditions such as, lymphedema, osteoporosis or arthritis. These are made of foam, fiber filled or beads or a combination. Silicone attachable breast forms adhere directly to the chest wall and do not require a pocketed bra. Our breast forms come in a variety of concepts, shapes, sizes and colors to closely match various body types, breast shapes, surgeries and lifestyles. Post-surgery bras come in a wide range of styles from; sport bras, leisure, and seamless, padded & non-padded molded cup, extra-full support and pretty and lacy. There are bras that have camisole inserts which work well when you want a bra that runs higher and hugs your chest wall. Most likely whatever your bra preference was before surgery, will still be available to you in a mastectomy bra as well. We also carry swim forms that are chlorine and salt water safe. These too are worn in a pocket of a swimsuit. You may purchase a specially made “mastectomy suit” or have our seamstress sew a pocket into a suit of your preference.

There are symmetry shapers for after a lumpectomy or reconstruction. Many women are not aware that even if they have had a lumpectomy and/or reconstruction, they are still eligible to receive whatever products needed to conceal minor imbalances from breast tissue deficit and to attain perfect symmetry between the breasts. Sometimes it’s as simple as a thin foam shell inserted into a pocketed bra or simply a more thickly padded bra and others times it may require a thicker silicone “shaper” worn in the pocket of the bra or directly over the surgery breast.

During the reconstruction process with expanders and occasionally after the reconstruction is complete the breasts achieving perfect symmetry is not always possible. The breasts may appear unsymmetrical or imbalanced. There are very simple solutions that we can offer in the way of symmetry shapers, bras and camisoles to assist in attaining symmetry during the process. There is no reason a woman should have to wait it out until the process is complete or afterwards, to feel confident about her appearance.

Radiation Bras and Buttery Soft Camisoles

During radiation treatments a woman’s skin can become very sensitive. Very often we hear, “the last article of clothing they want to wear is a bra.” Some woman can get away with that and wear a loose fitting 100% cotton t-shirt but others have a harder time. They need to support their breast(s) and/or they are just not comfortable being in public without a bra. Going without a bra can cause its problems also. The underneath skin of the breast may rub against each other and become irritated and itchy. There may be an imbalance from the weight of a remaining breast that can affect posture and back pain. There are bras specifically designed to alleviate the problems of wearing a bra during this time. Their features include:

Flat edgings to ensure pressure free comfort from seams

Fabric is anti-bacterial, body temperature-regulating and breathable single knit cotton

Soft toweling on the hook and eye band
Wide, stretch soft underbust band covered with a terry toweling
● Soft bands around the arms and neckline.

Compression Armsleeves, Hand Gauntlets, Gloves and Compression Bras or Vests for Daytime and Nighttime Therapy Wear

Compression garments are worn on the arm, hand and/or trunk area to help pump out lymphatic fluid and reduce swelling, which can help relieve pain and discomfort. In the breast, there is no muscle tissue to aid in this pumping action, so a comfortable compression bra may be worn. There are medical compression bras designed for nighttime therapy that are worn in combination with varying sizes and shapes of foam chipped pads in place to address scar tissue and lymphatic fluid build-up that causes pain and discomfort. We offer light compression bras that have the appearance of a sport bra and provides light daytime compression. Compression armsleeves and hand pieces are worn for prevention of lymphedema during high risk activities. They are also an essential component of Complete Decongestive Therapy after a diagnosis of lymphedema has been made and physical therapy is completed. Compression garments are an important tool of managing lymphedema. We work in conjunction with your physician and physical therapist to provide you with the most effective and medically correct compression garments to treat your individual needs. Our fitters provide the precise measuring and fitting of both ready made and custom compression garments with education on their proper use and demonstration of donning of garments.


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