Compression Therapy

Compression Stockings and Garments for Men and Women are medically effective compression therapy for preventing and treating venous and lymphatic disorders including edema, lymphedema, chronic vein insufficiency, varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis. Benchmark Atlantic’s role is to work in conjunction with the physician and/or the physical therapist to provide the prescribed compression garment that will be most effective and suitable for each individual’s treatment plan.

Our Specialized Services Include:

Precise Measuring & Fitting of Custom-Made and Ready Made Garments by Certified Fitters

Education and Demonstration of the Care and Application of Garments.

We carry both ready-to-wear, custom made, day and night wear compression garments from the most recognized names in the industry: JOBST, JUZO, MEDIVEN, SIGVARIS, SOLARIS, FARROW WRAP, CIRC-AID.

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